The objective of developing the ERP Business Case is to determine the feasibility and justification for the implementation of any new ERP system. Before committing significant resources, time, effort and finances to the project we can provide a roadmap to implementation.

This provides a detailed assessment of the tangible and non-tangible benefits that the potential ERP software implementation will create and to determine the expected Return on Investment (ROI) and payback period of the implementation. This service is very useful for companies who are considering an ERP system for the first time or looking to replace their current information systems, which may consist of a number of separate business applications or a legacy ERP systems that the business feels does not meet the current and future requirements of the business.

The business case will estimate the feasibility of the project, closeness to fit of potential solutions, approximate cost of the implementation, how long the implementation will take, what internal resources will be required, identify any known issues, risks, or constraints and document any assumptions and the benefits and requirements of the proposed solution. This will provide the executive team with the information they need to decide whether to pursue a new ERP solution.